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Case Study:
Lifter Configuration Redesign

  • Customer: Tarmac
  • Site: Charlton
  • Region: London
  • Project: Lifter Efficiency
  • Cost: <£5000.00
  • Payback: 3 Months

Project Overview

Site personnel requested an investigation visit into achieving more efficiency on their plant. During the visit the engineer evaluated the internal dryer during mixing and advised that the lifter configuration could be improved.

The engineer took photographs & measurements, measured up the required lifters and noted the suggested changes and a quote was submitted with the report of all the site findings.

The supply of materials with bespoke designed for Installation drawings were submitted & delivered to site for the appointed fitters to commence the work correctly. Once fitted, an additional visit was made straight after to check & adjust the burner to suit the new lifter configuration. We were informed that there was a more efficient process in the mixing and a fuel saving was seen of 1Ltr/ton.

This is a significant saving for a plant that produced over 80,000 ton/pa with a payback on the project of less than 3 Months and continued to make the plant savings on their fuel cost.