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Vulcan Drying System

A Vulcan dryer combined with a Vulcan Burner. Replacing an obsolete dryer and burner on an Asphalt Plant will make a significant improvement to production. The efficiency of a Vulcan Burner combined with a Vulcan Dryer will reduce drying costs and emissions. Production quantity can be increased with minimal investment.


Vulcan Dryers are specifically tailored for your production and plant requirements. We will not just offer LIKE for LIKE replacement dryers. Our design team will assess your current and future production requirements. We can offer an improved dryer design which will have the emphasis on efficiency and throughput and which ensures reliability and quality.


Flight design inside the Vulcan dryer has been considered to ensure maximum efficiency of the material going through the drying process.

The objective of the Vulcan flight design is to create the ideal “curtain” of material. The curtain is the extent of material created as the material is dropped from the flights, into the hot gases. Ideally, the curtain will span the width of the drum, evenly falling from one side to the other and capturing the hot drying gases. The key is in the design of the flights and the pattern of the flights, such as the angle and flow.

The flight design and flight pattern can be customized to maximize processing efficiency.


Retention time is also an important consideration of the Vulcan Dryer. This is the duration of time that the aggregate stays in the dryer in order to achieve the best results. Retaining time is determined through looking at the specific, heat transfer properties, the moisture content of the material.

The retention period can be controlled through a combination of factors, including dryer length and drum angle and rotation speed.