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Case Study:
Cemex Burner Upgrade Program with Vulcan Buners

  • Customer: Cemex UK
  • Site: 10 Sites
  • Region: National
  • Project: Natural Gas Conversion
  • Cost: N/A
  • Payback: 2 Year

Project Overview

Cemex UK decided that 10 of its Asphalt sites were in potential locations to be connected to the Natural Gas Lines in the surrounded areas and that there would be massive savings efficiency & environmentally to change the burner units over to Natural Gas from fuel oil operations. Vulcan Burners were appointed as the Burner supplier and over the past 16 months, in January the final site was connected and commissioned.

The Vulcan Burners have been proven for their efficiency and reliability with other successful site projects within Cemex. With this previous history, Cemex UK were self assured that they had chosen the best burner supplier to suit their requirements. Not only would they gain energy savings with the fuel change over but also in the Vulcan Technology that they would gain extra savings from the burner change over and upgrade.

Please see Before and After photos of Old Benn type burner replaced with new Vulcan Gas Burner.