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Case Study:
Efficiency Consultancy provided by Vulcan Burners

  • Customer: Hanson Aggregrates UK
  • Site: National
  • Region: National
  • Project: Efficiency Survey program
  • Cost: <£15000.00
  • Payback: <6 months

Project Overview

During 2016/17 Vulcan Burners implemented a proposed program
of best practices for asphalt plant efficiency to our Client, Hanson Aggregates, looking specifically at the burner and associated equipment, which affects the overall drying performance of the asphalt process.

The aim was to work with Hanson Aggregates to advise and propose a standardised service level agreement based on best practices to increase economic and environmental benefits throughout Hanson Aggregates future committed production sites.

Participate in a full site consultancy analysis on each asphalt plant conducted by senior engineers, providing Hanson Aggregates with a full report and list of proposed upgrades & suggestions to improve efficiency on equipment, staff & operation training improvements etc.

Vulcan Burners conducted bespoke Area Operator & Management training days, included a site walk round tour with operatives for visual training, followed up by an in-house presentation with Q&A, with operative safety & awareness training on oil & gas burners.

Following the surveys, Vulcan Burners provided & assisted with maintenance plans & schedules for Asphalt plant personnel to complete. We provided report/Site analysis software with secure login and password, software includes all sites information, all past & current reports, quotations, energy evaluations etc.

We also provided Hanson Aggregates site specific quotations for suggested upgrades & additional assistance in providing scope of works required for additional jobs outside of Vulcan scope.

This program has proved very successful for Hanson Aggregates to which with some simple upgrades and on site improvements they have seen significant efficiency savings.

For further information or references on our site consultancy programs please get in touch.