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COVID-19 Update Company Statement

March 17, 2020

As the

uncertainty of the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation continues to evolve at pace, we want to assure you that we are taking the necessary steps to minimise disruption to our customer engagement and client service, while protecting the health and safety of our team, our clients and our stakeholders.

Third and as of 17 March 2020, we have implemented Remote Working in our offices. By taking this step we hope to ensure we are able to continue to deliver high standards of support and customer service. Our team is available by email and phone as before.

However, we are now taking some steps to minimise the risk of any virus transmission:

We are limiting our field engineers to local works and asking that any callouts allow for engineer time to travel home when possible or necessary. This is reducing the need for the engineer to require use of public spaces such as hotels/restaurants/cafes etc. All engineers are provided with additional PPE, they will have masks, fully sealed goggles, latex gloves and disinfectant material such as soaps, hand sanitizer or wipes in their work vehicles, we have encouraged that they clean hands regular and clean equipment surfaces before commencement of works and on completion. We have requested that our staff members keep 3 meters away from site personnel and avoid physical contact such as shaking hands etc, sharing pens etc. During engineer travel we have asked that they travel in an isolated manner, try using pay at pump area only and wipe touch screens/keypads down before use etc. Encouraging the use contactless payments also. I am requesting that our customers try to reduce the time of 1-2-1 time such as inductions where possible and if we can implement to complete such items via paperwork’s online or electronically prior and using the use of site communication paths to reduce the need for onsite 1-2-1 close personnel contact.

• We are encouraging our office staff to use skype or telephone as the primary means of contact with customers, and to reduce face to face meetings.

• If a face to face meeting is necessary, all visitors are asked to complete a screening questionnaire in advance and access may not be possible for higher risk visitor groups.

• Workshop work such as Burner manufacturer has been zoned that each person can work in their own safe space, lunch and tea breaks are staggered and all areas are cleaned and sanitised on a regular basis.

We are fully prepared for the eventuality where we have to close any of our other offices.

• We have the technology infrastructure for all of our staff to work remotely. We have tested all remote access systems and processes.

• We have video conferencing and remote communication capability to enable employees and clients to continue interaction without the need to travel.

Our staff are also instructed that if they have symptoms of coronavirus (fever, a new cough, sore throat) then they stay at home. The same has also been communicated to those who are considered to be at high risk or have family members at risk or with symptoms.

By taking these steps we hope to ensure we are able to continue to deliver high standards of support and customer service and to support and deliver business continuity programmes as they go live.

The situation we face is unprecedented and highly fluid. We will continue to monitor and follow the advice of Government and the Public Health Agency.


Teresa Lewis

Managing Director


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