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First Vulcan installation in Canada a firing success!!

August 22, 2017

The first Vulcan Burner 35MW/120m BTU/h has been successfully installed & commissioned on an Astec Double Barrel Rap Dryer for our client in Canada. The plant has been relocated to a new site and the customer wanted to upgrade their existing system during the relocation. The Vulcan Burner replaces the original Whisperjet Burner. The Vulcan now provides our client a completely inverter automated, compact and efficient burner which requires minimal maintenance and ease of control with the VSD controller. With benefits such as the split maintenance section, low flame during tick over & a 8-1 turn down ratio, the innovative Vulcan Burner is a game changer to the industry.

With the introduction of the Vulcan to the Canadian market, we have established working relationships with contractors and maintenance providers to provide full service and back up to the burner range in this region.


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