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Vulcan Asphalt Group win Council Contract for LPG Burners

December 20, 2016

Vulcan Asphalt Group leading the way in Asphalt Combustion - Vulcan Burners wins a new contract to supply three LPG fuelled burners to Aberdeenshire County Council.

The contract also includes the upgrade of the current fuel oil system with the supply of three new Cat Pumps. The Vulcan burner range was the burner of choice for this bespoke upgrade contract, which is to commence in January 2017. Vulcan Asphalt Group is delighted to have been chosen as the burner provider for such a large project. The scale of the project indicates how investment in cleaner alternative fuels can pay dividends to the end user through energy savings and reduced emissions. Also by choosing Vulcan burners for this project shows the confidence the customer has in the burner range of choice as we have consistently delivered on efficiency savings & reliability, providing the customer with an excellent aftercare service program from our dedicated Engineers ensures the Vulcan Burner technology is maintained at an optimum manner. LPG or Liquefied Petroleum Gas is a naturally occurring clean, versatile and convenient fuel. LPG produces far less CO₂ than conventional solid or liquid fuel oils. Changing to LPG as your primary fuel will not only reduce CO₂ but will also reduce running costs by eliminating maintenance of fuel pumps, tanks, filtering systems, fuel heaters and associated equipment normally associated with burning oil. LPG is a clean and very competitive fuel choice for Asphalt Producers


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