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Completion of Cemex Natural Gas Program with Vulcan Burners

May 4, 2016

Vulcan burners help company access energy and CO2 savings via £5 million fuel-switching investment

A landmark utilities connection agreement has seen CEMEX UK reduce operational expenditure and CO2 emissions through an innovative third-party investment solution from Decarbon Capital. The two organizations have successfully achieved a significant private investment whereby CEMEX will connect 10 of their UK sites to the national gas and power transmission systems with the assistance of upgrading their Asphalt Burner systems with Vulcan Burners.

The final 10th site has been commissioned at the start of 2016. The whole project as a whole has been hugely successful for Cemex and Vulcan Asphalt Group are delighted to have been chosen as the burner provider for such a large program. The scale of the program indicates how investment can pay dividends to the end user through energy savings and using technology such as the Vulcan burner can achieve such results!


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