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Vulcan Burners

The State of the art Vulcan Burner Range are designed, manufactured & supplied with the highest level of innovation and efficiency.

The Vulcan burner sets the standards for today’s asphalt production, incorporating unique design concepts to ensure asphalt is produced at the most efficient level.

Vulcan burners have been developed with quality, efficiency and safety as key factors. The impact of our burners on the environment has also been a consideration. Since the burner range was launched in 2011, the Vulcan Burner is the number one choice in burner technology in the UK as the product has proven efficiency results with existing customers making repeat orders to improve the efficiency on their numerous sites.

In 2016 we have also launched our Vulcan LB LPG burner range to our specifications. Again it is designed with the highest level of innovation and the results from emissions to efficiency has been very pleasing.

Our Multi-fuel burners comply with The EN230 and EN267 standards. The design and manufacturing of the Vulcan range of burners is carried out in the UK.


  • Excess air limitation control
  • Optimum adjusting combustion chamber performance
  • Combustion box temperature sensor
  • Combustion air pressure with compensation control
  • Ambient air compensation
  • Airflow diagnostics
  • Inverter controlled burner blower
  • Manual and automatic temperature control
  • Dual fuel capacity (bolt-on facility for natural gas)
  • Fault diagnostics, with history log
  • 180° acoustically suppressed air inlets
  • Standard duel side facility
  • Integral burner support, air intake and blower conveying track
  • Sectional burner design to enable minimal manual handling
  • Independent twin bearing supported impeller
  • Easy Impeller replacement.